“When’s the finally time you attempted to make any gay buddies that don’t entail functions, consuming, or gender?”

This is the question comedian Michael Henry presents within his most recent YouTube video clip, “SAD, BEAUTIFUL, AND ALL ALONE.”

Michael bumps into their beautiful acquaintance Ian, that’s weeping on a park workbench because he are unable to maintain some of their connections along with other gay men since they usually only end fooling around.

“But t’s perhaps not my personal failing they all wish to have sex beside me,” exclaims Ian. “all of them want to have intercourse with me! they’re going to slip into my personal DMs like,

‘why not reach my personal dodgeball video game,’

they’ll say.

‘reach the gymnasium with me,’

they are going to state.

‘Let’s eat carrots during the sofa and beverage vodka in the dark while my personal roomie’s out of town,’

it is said. All roadways induce my personal eight-inch penis!”

Henry prevents him. “how you can it’s the perfect time is not through your anal area,” the guy points out. “all you could sexies simply have area relationships as you’re stuck contained in this loop of hooking up and validating each other through some form of sexual intercourse.”

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See the entertaining skit below and evaluate for yourself.